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An ultra rare interview with Canadian rock legend, Burton Cummings.


Recorded on location after a rockin’ performance, Burton Cummings former lead singer of The Guess Who, joins Colin and Marty for a rare backstage interview. Burton is one of the best voices in rock and roll and known for singing hits like These Eyes, No Time and American Woman. Colin and Marty dig into Burton’s past and talk about The Deverons, rare records, comic book collecting and Burton’s new, upcoming projects.

(This interview was recorded backstage, outdoors at a Classic Rock festival so there is a bit of crowd noise but thats what makes this show so special.)

There is more with Burton Cummings that we will air at a later date. I hope you enjoy this show as much as we did making it!

1:27 – Introduction of Colin, Marty and Burton

2:30 – Burton reveals who his first manager was as a teenager

2:36 – Remembering the Devrons

2:47 – Burton’s favorite 45 records

3:25 – Collecting Fever

5:18 – The British Invasion hits the boys square in the face

5:01 – Burton recalls the repertoire of the Devrons

5:35 – Burton shares his top 3 favourite singers of all time

6:18 – Was Elton John considered a good piano player?

6:59 – Who wrote “Just Another Crazy Kid?

7:09 – What happened to some of Burtons former band members?

7:19 – Recollections of the Burton Cummings trio (FST)

8:23 – Does Burton Cummings have a falsetto voice?

9:07 – What Beatles song did Bachman and Cummings cover on the album Jukebox?

10:12 – The secret legend of how Chuck Berry found his style . . .

10:29 – Who is Sam Boyd and what happened during the Grey Cup National Anthem?

11:24 – What’s different about Burton’s next book?

11:37 – Burton announces new video show called RUFF

12:29 – Grey Cup Day pressure

13:12 – Will Burtons next album be produced in New York City?

13:30 – Where will Burtons music go next?

15:11 – Colin loves the Magic Piano.

15:50 – Attacks on Facebook?

16:10 – How many albums has Burton Cummings recorded?

16:25 – For the first time in public, Burton reveals the name of his new album

16:39 – Burton describes his comic book collection. What superhero had blonde hair once?

17:47 – What KISS member also collects comics?

19:20 – What was unique about Tarzan collector cards?

19:40 – What collectibles did Marty and Burton fight over in New York

20:29 – Marty finds a complete set of Fabian cards X2

21:10 – Burton describes Michael Jackson’s shopping disguise

21:45 – How many days did it take The Guess Who to record Rockin’

23:25 – Burton explains the foreign words from Artificial Paradise